Number 19 song in nz on my birthday

Forum - General - Number ones in the nineties. The chart of the 90's started off the way it had done since , as a Top On 10 October the way the chart was tabulated experienced a major change as radio airplay was added to the mix.

The chart remained a Top Surprise debut at number one. Also a hit this year for Chypnotic. Morgan 2 Only No. Only 12 weeks in the charts 27 May Vogue Madonna 4 3rd No. Ngaire charted until with six hits. This may well be another song to take years to hit the top 25 years if it missed the first time around. They did have two other top ten singles.

Miller failed to chart in with this hit, making that 18 years before its climax. In he billed himself as David Parker. This is a Johnny Nash remake from No. His follow up single, and his last, fell short in the bottom of the chart at No.

Despite 8 weeks at the top, it only got to for the decade. After this they had to settle for the lower parts of the chart.

What was Number 1 on my 14th birthday? Find out what song supposedly 'defines your life'

The third single in a row to debut at number one, a record. Their next hit, November Rain, ran for 8 minutes and 30 seconds. The first grunge band to hit the top of the charts. Black Or White was still at number 14 when this single hit the top. This single was the third biggest hit for They had three minor hits.

This was his way of grieving the death of his son who fell out of a high apartment window. Chris Kelly and Chris Smith were both 13 at the time of this hit. Taken from the first MTV Unplugged album. Hammond Gamble 2 Only No. Back at number one in It was the number one single for Pettigrew died of cancer in April She spent 14 at the top with this song in USA and 10 in England.

A cover of the Five Satins song from Hammond Gamble 1 Only No.


More money goes towards Cot Death research. Their last single charted in Originally they were called Green Jell-O but had to change their name to avoid a lawsuit from General Foods.

From his number one album of the same name. This one spent the last week in the chart at number 7 before leaving completely. Fats Domino remake from Second rap number one in a row. Originally a Nilsson number one from A total of weeks was charted before they broke up. Troggs remake from No.

Reached number 3 on the annual end of year chart. Cruise Control reached No. Spending 17 weeks in the singles chart with this release, it was the last from the kiwi band to reach the chart.

What song was number 1 on the day I was born?

Coming in at number twenty for the decade, they consisted of a Swedish and American line up. They had three more hits this year. Her 21st chart single and the first after the sales charts 20th birthday.

They are in direct competition with Michael Jackson. This one originally reached number 6. The th number one since the pop-o-metre chart began in This single matches the record set in of three debut singles in a row to hit the top.


This was his fifth top 10 hit. LV 8 Only No. Coolio was born in Los Angeles as Artis Ivey. LV 1 Only No. Larry Sanders took his stage name from an acronym for Large Variety engaging gospel and soul.

The song also went to number one in Germany. This one was a big success overseas reaching number 1 in Australia, Germany, Ireland and South Africa and number 3 in England.

Wonderwall was covered by Mike Flowers Pops this year No. He was also an actor. Darvy Traylor 1 Only No. PTP 1 2nd and final No. Given the range of countries that we have gathered information for we can answer some questions about number ones.

If we restrict ourselves to the English speaking world that we have good charts for that is the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland then only two artists had number ones simultaneously across all those charts before Three artists managed this feat in the s: Looking at the proportion of time that each artist was number one in at least one of our target countries gives yet another measure of the relative success that various acts enjoyed.

If we work out what proportion of each decade they spent in the number one song slot we get this listing:. The s and s are biased in two different ways, firstly there are fewer charts so acts are liable to spend less time at number one and secondly the charts that existed were less dynamic so acts spent longer in the top slot.

Some Feats

We have assumed these factors just about cancel each other out. Another interesting metric is to look at how long a particular artist managed to remain at number one in at least one of these countries. This shows artists that were globally popular with multiple songs released in quick succession.

Here are all the artists that managed at least 75 days of being number one somewhere:.

The Beatles and Bing Crosby both managed more than day stints twice The Beatles narrowly missed out on managing three stretches because of a two day gap in Mar By the time you are 50 you really ought to be able to follow simple instructions read the page. Did Joe Dolan really has legend would have it, make 1 in fourteen European countries?

So being number one on 14 European countries is unlikely. We sometimes think that people who ask stupid questions like what was number one on a particular date, without specifying the country or chart are being deliberately stupid.

Really, you're 15 and not able to follow simple instructions? Read what it says in the text. You should be able to find that yourself, also try looking at http: What an odd question. Our guess is that more than , songs and albums are released in North America and Europe each year so that means about are released on any given day, we won't list them here.

Oh and by the way the film "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" was released that day too. If that doesn't answer your question why not try A actually reading what this page says, B pose better questions. Also the same for 1st of april By following the instructions at the top of this page I can tell you that on the 11th Jul Edith Piaf was number 1 in Germany with "Milord".

If, alternately, you want to know what was number 1 ijn the USA on Nov 7 you will have to follow the instructions yourself. I was born in Canberra on 27th April What was the Australian No 1 at that time please? We don't list any music for this year, its too likely to need correcting later.

You can navigate to Nov with the dates at the top of the month pages. We would suggest you look at the sources on Wikipedia that are listed at the foot of each month's page. If you are looking for charts since the year there are some sites that provide that.

If you want side by side charts from before that we suspect you are out of luck.

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We find it hard enough to create charts that gather the information and consolidate by year. The sources for various charts are listed on the "Source Charts" page, you could try and create such a resource yourself.

Follow the year link at the top of this page, then select the month you want on the third row of the next page.