February 19 tamil new year horoscope

Work hard but do take time off because it will not be good for you in the long run. It is good to engage in teamwork. Your forthcoming approach as well as your gutsy behavior will help you reach great success in life.

At the workplace, colleagues might seem to be aloof and give you icy attitude. You need to be cautious of their actions and gain the cooperation of the higher authorities. The level of energy being high will definitely increase your productivity at work.

This will definitely make the people at powerful positions take notice of you and your work. So working hard is the only way you can achieve great success. Love life of a Gemini man or woman will be full of excitement and vigor in Your romantic relationships will be quite good this year.

You will experience an improvement in emotions and enthusiasm due to the positions of Jupiter. If you are still single then this is the year when your level of attraction will increase. You will be meeting people who share common interests. Head out to places where you have chances to meet new people and enjoy yourself.

Social life will improve, thus enhancing your love life as well. Always present your true self to your potential partner and never create a false impression.

If you feel that your love life was boring then this is the year to spice things up. Try something new that is both interesting and exciting.

Let your feelings and emotions lead the way so that new relationships can develop. Your best needs to be brought out in along with your true self to help the development of new relationships.

You will definitely feel attracted to somebody. Love life of will be full of passion, pleasure and sensual moves. You might feel annoyed by the behavior of your partner as they might not be compensating appropriately for your emotions and feelings. Some Gemini might be caught up in between two parallel relationships that might lead to a bad ending to Complications can be avoided if you can just trim and control your relationships from time to time.

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At the end of , you might experience separations, reunions and other changes in your love life. Most financial desires will be fulfilled but certain projects that are long term might not go according to your plan.

The year will keep your hands full but for certain unavoidable reasons you will not be able to enjoy it completely. Do remember to prepare a budget to keep a watch on your finances. Always steer away from any kind of spending that is not essential.

Stay away from loans and debts in as it might lead to bankruptcy in the near future. If you have any loans and debts do make sure that you pay them off. Some money might come your way but do not waste them away.

If the scenario does occur that you have extra cash then enjoy yourself. Non-material things will not interest the Gemini; they will seem interested only in material things this year.

Health in general will be quite good for most part of the year. You will feel energetic during most of Your performance in the career of your choice will be amazing due to this high level of energy. Around the middle of this year will be hectic and frenzied for the Gemini. Due to the intenseness of this period, your health might suffer a bit but do not let it make you weak.

Sport activities or some recreational activity might be good for you. Maintain a good balance between the physical and mental aspect. This balance will help to keep you in good health all the way through to Energy might be high during at least most of the time but you must make sure that this sudden burst of energy does not bring down your health.

Remember to take enough rest as well so that working too much does not affect your health in an adverse way. It is necessary that exercise and work out from time to time. Whenever you feel too tired you need to rest well so that you have a healthy Family life for the Gemini would be really good in the year It will be filled with peace and tranquility.

Some changes might still need to be made to certain traditions and beliefs of your family. Major part of the year will be peaceful but sometimes on rare occasions a squabble or disagreement might pop up with some family members. Do not let your emotions get out of control and gain a control on your sentiments so that delicate situations can be dealt in a diplomatic manner.

During do not try to make relationships go worse to a point from which it cannot be recovered. Changes are necessary in the relationship with friends and family so that it can be improved.

Let us have a look at the Gemini monthly horoscope giving us a month by month break up of what we can expect throughout the year of Cancerians are ruled by Moon. You are emotional and are easily carried by their sentiments. You are a hard workers and responsible and generally lead comfortable life. Cancerians are fickle minded and get disturbed very soon.

You have good imagination. And have potential to be good authors, philosophers and poets. You are extremely emotional and sensitive, you are very caring, family oriented and helpful. On the flip side you could be clingy, possessive and prone to self pity. You try to avoid confrontations at all costs and are likely to retreat into your crabby shell and sulk.

You hate being corrected. In general Kataka rasi people will be much attached to their children and family.

They are good conversationalists, self-reliant, honest and unbending. Jupiter is transiting your 4th house from your moon sign and rest assured mostly its results will be good. It's aspect on 10th Career House will be good for your career related activities.

All past efforts will bear good fruits for you in this year. As both Jupiter and Saturn will be aspecting your 8th house you may get the results after hard efforts and some delay, but end result will be satisfying for you. Rahu and Ketu will be transiting on moon and the 7th house respectively and its results will be adverse for you.

Saturn will be transiting over the 6th from your Moon Sign. As Lord of 8th house its transit in 6th house means there could be problems in family affairs, so a calm and collective approach would be required from your end so family affairs do not take a beating.

Jupiter's transit is not favorable by virtue of it's placement in 4th in transit. Students can expect some disturbing moments in this year. Travelling will give average results, but travelling for vacation and pleasure trips will be beneficial for relaxation. Saturn's transit in 6th house from your moon sign will be supportive for health and recovery from chronic diseases.

You are stepping into a brand new year filled with good news, gain of wealth, and lot of improvement at your work place. Your hard work will fetch name and fame in all areas. Your social status and dignity will be in peak throughout the year.

All your holiday plans for short and long trips with your family will turn to be beneficial for you. You will get support of your siblings later this year They will do well in their career and get all around success.

Speak diplomatically with soft voice to others to avoid unwanted troubles. Beware of the secret enemies who may cause a loss of your liquid money. Legal issue might face some setback.

Later part of the year is more positive than the former. You will participate in more auspicious events and get many an opportunity to do good deeds. Your spiritual activities will increase and you will go for pilgrimages too. If you are into business, you will do well especially after May Expansion of business may be planned after May for it to become favorable.

Loans or a lending hand required for the expansion of business. Those who are involved in the partnership business should avoid any type of verbal duels to maintain their relationship smooth and cordial.

The beneficial transit of Jupiter after October will give the business magnets wonderful opportunity of attracting large scale of profits.

There will be scope for the business people to explore new ideas in business and this will be welcomed by the prospective partners. Job and services may witness migration or change in job after May Possibility of more stress cannot be ruled out and some disputes with higher authorities will hamper your career growth.

However this situation changes bringing cheers after May Professionals will see success in all your endeavors. People involved in charitable institutions, Judges, bankers outshine in this year.

Romance is restricted in the beginning of the Year. Enjoying romance and expressing creatively needs to be given a back seat as the planet are not favoring though.

Singles yearning for a new relationship can start one by May More romance and hearty moments with your loved one is seen by the mid of the year. Spousal relationship faces discord until May. There might be slight differences and friction with life partner but gradually settle down amicably. Spouse health condition improves by the mid of the month.

More pleasure trips and conjugal bliss are assured after July Acceptance and forgiveness will help to enjoy flawless relationship.

Due to unexpected expenses your bank balance takes a nose dive, however, your instinct of controlling money will help you to maintain your budget well. Increased income is on the anvil in the later part of the year. More spending is seen towards decorating or renovation of home, vehicle, increasing your comfort, medical and doing charity.

Jupiter comes as the savior and brings in good gains and profits in the later part of the month. Heavy money transactions should be avoided in the early part of the year especially January and February. Legal issues are not in your favor and might get delayed. Some may pay unexpected penalty due to transgressive act.

Your hard work will set the stage for your success. This year will bring lot of favorable circumstances to prove your talents. Be prepared to give the best whenever you get the opportunity. Maintaining good rapport with the teachers or mentors is important now.

Attune to beaver away attitude and move forward. Students aspiring for higher education will get good prospect this year. Mixed results are seen with regards to Health. But no major threat for your well-being. Obstructive ailments are likely which will curtail your mobility.

Work load and stress brings brain fag and exhaustion. Remember to take adequate rest. Spend some time for yourself and do some work that is close to your heart. Take care of your eating habits while travelling. You stomach may be finicky and can get upset fast. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoid junk foods.

Possibility of being prone to bouts of depression is seen. It is imperative that you practice meditation regularly in order to keep your body and mind cheerfully. Watch your emotions 3. Seek blessings from ancestors and elders. Avoid postponement and lethargy 5. Kark Date of Birth: Pushya, Ashlesha Lucky Numbers: Monday, Saturday Lucky Colours: Orange, Red Lucky Stones: Moon Stone, Pearl Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and its owner is moon.

Sun enters this sign from June 22 to July 23 every year. The sun entering this sign will complete moving in first part degree and enter second part degree. This will bring in a lot of changes and impact on all beings. It is also the house of emotions. Those who can't reflect their emotion with the right mood always stay behind other people.

It might be full of positive energy. The year will be full of good fortune and your confidence will be high. Everything around you will emanate a sense of tranquility.

This is definitely going to a year full of growth due to the planets Jupiter and Saturn moving in your favor bringing you great opportunities.

As the year progresses there is a high chance that your wishes might be fulfilled. It is quite a complicated zodiac sign, on one side they are caring and emotional but they are also at ties materialistic and tensed.

These traits are sure to affect the outcomes in Apart from positivity, your life will also be surrounded by a peaceful environment. Your confidence and positive attitude will help to get through the few bumps that you hit.

Cancerians are supposed to have strong instincts that have always helped them feel what is about to happen but still the future is uncertain. Take advantage of the Horoscope for It will help you to understand what the New Year might hold for you. Jupiter in 4th house till mid October and then in 5th house, Rahu in 1st house and Ketu in 7th house till mid September, Saturn in 6th house throughout the year, together determine the major transit results this year.

Lord of your sign Moon is located in the 12th House of your chart, the house of losses, travel, foreign connections, spiritual path, occult and psychic experiences. You would act in a different manner as negativity and the pessimism of the past will give way to a high amount of energy, confidence and at the same time a very fix attitude with a somewhat difficult temperament.

This indicates ill health of mother. Sun, Venus, Saturn in your 6th house indicate differences with father and ancestors. The negative and the unpleasant thoughts in your mind will give way to a very positive and aggressive temperament. You will work well, you will make things happen, you would be very aggressive at work and result oriented and at the same time you will also be very active in personal life and various matters connected with you as Saturn helps.

When talking about the career of a Cancer man or woman, looks like an intense year. All through the year you will most probably have a work schedule that is filled with work.

Sometimes the load of work might prove to be too much and you might get stuck in the cross fire. At these times try to maintain a pleasant attitude towards all so that you can create a balance in the relationship with both peers as well as seniors.

If you want a change like relocation or position in the company, is the best time for that to happen. Always try to look at the finer picture when it comes to your career aspect.

It will be better to learn new skills and take up new tasks till the last quarter of New contacts will expand your social circle. As the workload this year will be heavy do not get tensed about it, all you need to do is work hard and everything will come under your control.

With such a heavy work load, you might get confused, at such times go ahead and take advice from colleagues and seniors.

They are the ones who will give you the best advice and help you when you are facing troubles. They will also help in increasing your knowledge and improve your skill set.

If you are already in a relationship then expect an increase in the passion and intensity but remember to handle disputable matters in an intelligent way using your gut feeling and instincts. Be careful about your actions as they might hurt your partner without you realizing it. Feelings of your partner must be given importance and keep your own desires under control for some time.

Some of the dreams that you have had about your love might come true provided all of them are realistic and not fictional. It might be hard for some Cancerian to select one partner when provided with many options.

You can look forward to the end of as it will bring charm and add a certain degree of boldness to your attitude thus making you more attractive to prospective partners. The relationship you are already in might turn out to be the best thing that happened to you or it might end with spite. This can be avoided by the decisions you make.

Create a transparency in your love life by maintaining good communication level so that misunderstandings can be avoided. It will be imperative that you listen to your partner if you want the relationship to last.

Do not let the year turn out to be bad for your love life, turn it into one of the most passionate year. It will also be a year that favors those who are planning to have a child. For this to happen, you will need to step into unknown territories and seek a suitable partner. Follow the hobbies that you love to find a partner with similar interests.

During the first half of the year, a Cancerian might have to make unwanted spending. This might cause some problems initially but it will lead you to create a budget that will help in making savings.

A good flow of finance will occur in the form of dealings of real-estate and income in the form of legacy. During the middle of , some money will be spent on redecorating your home and on some personal accounts. Be cautious about spending too much according to the wishes of people surrounding you otherwise you might be in a lot of trouble.

As you enter the second phase of the year, you will be at a much stable position with respect to finances. High-value purchases must be avoided at all costs. It is essential that you, the Cancerian make small savings whenever possible. So ensure that at least during the first part of , good savings are made as during the middle you might run into some financial issues so the savings will be of great help.

The money you spend during the middle can be easily earned back during the last part of Ensure that no debts and loans are left unpaid so do not splurge too much.

Health will be on a good level in Many opportunities will come your way to enhance your health both physical and mental. Whenever you get time, make sure that you have the time to rejuvenate and reenergize your mind and body. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet and exercising. Due to the emotional turmoil of , most Cancerians might fell tensed and stressed.

Make sure that your stress levels are low by being optimistic and surrounding oneself with positivity. Energy levels will sometimes be high and low at other times. Do not over work yourself; work and relaxation time must be balanced well to stay healthy.

Indulgences must be avoided as it might lead to bad effects on the long run. When the energy is high, you might feel confused as to how that energy can be spent.

Exercising or following your hobbies or a particular sport you love would be the best way to spend it. Set a stable routine that balances work as well as fun. It will not only make you organized but also lower your stress levels. Do not overdo anything as rest is needed as well. While mentioning home, major adjustment are expected in A new phase might be starting in your life with additions and deletions in the form of birth and death.

The tranquility at home might be disturbed due to various obstacles. Any difference that pops up with family members must be resolved immediately but when it comes to your ideals and views maintain a firm stand while establishing them. Expect changes in your social circle as well. Follow social norms and moral values on Mondays.

Do not let milk spill on ground or stove fire. Let us take a look at what the months in is going to unfurl. Leos are as fearless as the lion that depicts them. You are extroverts and love being in the center of attraction. You thrive on romance and is always surrounded by admirers.

Learn to be humble and less self centered. As parents, do not push your children too hard. In general Simha rasi people are bold and respectful in appearance.

They are independent thinkers. They stick up to orthodox principles in religion and are not tolerant towards to others percepts and practices. Jupiter is transiting in your 3rd house and the results will be mixed in this phase. The Transit is fruitful and helpful for gains in business as its aspect will be on 11th house.

Saturn's transit over 5th is not so good for your job if you are working , as it may translate in to forced change of job or transfer to a hostile place. Jupiter's transit is good for married people and also for people who are in love and looking to get married.

Success will come with self efforts for students in this phase. Rahu and Ketu Transits can give minor health issues. This year promises you a good name and fame with Divine support and luck. Struggles, disrespect and obstacles faced all these days will vanish. Your name and fame will be as high a kite. You will get whatever you want through your own effort.

Auspicious functions at home and in the family will make you happy and cheerful. This year will be a very good year for worldly matters and also on some extent spiritually. You will enjoy full support of your siblings, neighbors, teachers and elders throughout the year.

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Change of place and residence after May and before August is likely that may bring good luck and fortune. After some initial disturbance on the domestic front, you may see improvement and pleasant environment. You will get more mental peace and domestic happiness and will enjoy with your family.

Short trips are in the offing. Your children may get distracted from their studies. They have a need of proper counseling and emotional push up. One of your children may take a break in his studies and may join you in your business or profession.

Good year for people involved in business. Later part of the month sees little sluggishness in moving forwards; inevitable hard work will bring success though.

Expansion of business is advisable only before May to August of this year. There will be changes in career or responsibility so be prepared to lose a contact, take up new duties or alter professional direction. This may test your sense of authority.

Increase in emoluments is foreseen. People associated with tinsel world are blessed with good gains and popularity. Icons from glitz and glamour will make their mark in politics leading to success.

Your enemies may disturb your profession or at your work place.


Be careful with your female collogues. Job and service people will success in their entire ventures. Finally their hard work will be acknowledged and pave way for promotions and hikes. Astrologers, Spiritual Gurus, tinsel world, political personalities, and revolutionists will do extremely well in their filed.

Love and romance is said to be conducive and work in unison with the partner to maintain harmony. Your narcissism will always prevent you from having a real relationship.

Be an extrovert to enjoy the affair of the heart. This is the perfect period to work with harmony in all your relationship especially with your life partner. Short trip with your wife on a holiday or vacation is in the card for you during the month of May and June. Plan well in advance before the trip otherwise you may face some problem and obstacles.

Natives aspiring for child will be blessed with one in this year, bringing in joy and happiness. Monetary aspects will prove to be promising till the end of the year. Your bank balance will increase throughout the year. After September , there will be some backlog in money flow; despite there will not be any fiscal strain.

The natives will maintain the momentum generally for the entire year in financial conditions. Investing opportunities will be fetching and attractive. Anyway proper guidance from sagacious master is required. Gain from profession, mother, spouse, journey, siblings, elders, priests, religious institution, father and foreigners are in the cards.

Gain from speculation is also promised for you this year. Inheritance is seen before May. Expenses on auspicious events, luxurious articles, garments, taxes, and children are possible.

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Litigation and other disputes will be more favorable before May. Students will start performing well in their education. Focus and determination will get you anywhere.

Make use of this positive period to exhume your potentials. Those aspiring for higher education will get the right opportunity. Some may even fly abroad to fulfill their ambition in their studies. You will be in best of your health.

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Regular exercise, proper diet and spiritual pursuits will be supportive to radiate good health and sound mind. You will recover from previous ailments. However some seasonal diseases will be unavoidable.

Hectic wandering and travel will drain your energy. Consider to take sufficient time for yourself. Involve yourself in doing charity. Maintain good relationship with parents. Simha Date of Birth: Magha, Poorva Phalguni Lucky Numbers: Sunday, Wednesday Lucky Colours: Red, Yellow, Orange Lucky Stones: It is the sign of royalty, with royal people, rulers and politicians born under it.

It might be the year in which you will be trying to let go of pampering habits. The planets Saturn and Jupiter will favor you and let you be the center of attraction through the whole year. Expect drastic changes in both professional and personal aspects of your life. Leo men and women will need to keep their sensitive side at bay as it might hinder your growth and progress in life.

Different circumstances will keep popping up through but you have to adapt to the changes if you want the year to be good and full of success. Adapting to the changes will aid in character development as well as personality development.

If you have an inherent attitude of being confident then you definitely belong to Leo Zodiac sign. Leo lends the traits like brave and ambitious to the person born with this Zodiac sign. Other traits of a Leo are energetic, charismatic and more. Even with such a brave attitude it is always necessary that you keep a clear vision about what the future has in store for you.

Here are the predictions for Jupiter in 3rd house till mid October and then in 4th house, Rahu in 12th house and Ketu in 6th house, Saturn in 5th house throughout the year, together determine the major transit results this year.

During this year you need to seriously introspect whether your present Vocation represents your true purpose of life or not and you have to identify your true Vocation during this year itself.

This will be a challenging process. During the first 3 quarters, you will have to face this challenge till you find your true Vocation. The transit of Saturn in Sagittarius will see a movement in your house of children and investments. You might not be very happy with regards to matters connecting with children. Finances, partners, lovers, friends will do some backstabbing.

Negativity in thought and some differences of opinion with children could come about creating unnecessary hassles. Further thinking could be pessimistic and negative and some difficult ideas could originate which create hassles for you.

Rahu in 12th will create insomnia. Dealing with these issues will be difficult but your short term goals can be easily fulfilled. Hardships might come in the path of your career but plan your future career so that these hardships do not affect it adversely.

Professional ethics needs to be maintained so that projects can be completed within the allotted time period.

Maintaining a positive relationship with peers and seniors is imperative so if any issues pop up then ensure that you understand it completely.

While the first half of might have a heavy workload, the second half might be full of optimism and a stable position cam be reached in your career. Expect quite a lot of twists and turns in your career during Career might not be stable for the majority of but various times you will get advancement opportunities. Seizing these opportunities is essential, it might be difficult to do so every time but try to do so.

Do not be stubborn, maintain a flexible attitude. This is the only way you will be able to survive the changes that impact your career in Sometimes you will need to work for long period of time so that goals can be met with or deadlines are achieved. While handling such pressure do not stress out, be calm and remain optimistic at all times.

Challenging times are on the charts during the retrogression phase of Mars. During this period keep your head high and strive through but do not indulge in any changes.

Taking care of any major change will be difficult so refrain from those. Always stay confident and maintain your patience in Your love life is going to be great in Major changes are on the charts for all Leo men and women, whether they are in a relationship or single.

Saturn and Jupiter will move to make you more attractive and improve your sensitive side. Hardships might come in your love life but expect benefits on the long run. The ways you usually express love need to be enhanced as it might be advantageous and bring forward many potential partners into your life.

A compromising attitude needs to be developed so that your romantic relationship gets a boost. Another major factor that needs to be developed is good communication with your partner. This year your romantic life will be filled with passion and love. When it comes to finance, looks promising.

Constraints and barriers will always be present but they will not be able to hold you back for long and all your desires will be fulfilled. Any kind of stagnant finances need to be trimmed. You also need to liquidate and encash your investments this year.

On matters of finance do not take decisions in a rush. Think about the issue and then take the best solution available. Take decisions that will help you stay away from any financial burden that would reduce your savings. At regular intervals keep a watch on the budget so that you do not fall prey to the few hardships that might come your way.

Some circumstances might pop up in which you will be asked to spend money for near ones, but stay away from these emotional financial disturbances as much as possible as it might cause harm in the long run. Organize your finances well so that if any debts and loans need to be taken, they can be paid off without any problem.

Remember this year you must not splurge, instead you must save keeping in mind that the far future cannot be foreseen. This year your health will see both ups and downs in health. You might want to stay healthy yearlong but a number of times, various health issues are bound to pop up.

Weakness of the body and mind are bound to occur. Stay calm and patient as that is the only way to regain strength of mind and body. You must make sure that you are following a healthy diet and work out session on a regular basis. While exercising, remember that physical exertion is not prescribed, so do take rest whenever needed. Stress and strain are on the cards around the middle of Complications might arise, so stay alert about your health.

Make sure that you take up activities that will keep your mind and body relaxed. Rejuvenating the body and mind should be on your schedule to stay healthy. Overall health might not be too good this year but work out and eat healthy to try and maintain your health.

Other things to keep in mind are reducing stress levels and not overworking. Jupiter and Saturn will favor you in Use that to protect yourself and stay away from all kinds of problems with the family.

Any advice that friends and family members give you must be taken into serious consideration only then will your personal life be filled with joy and happiness. Elder and younger members of your family might seek your guidance in This year you will stay energetic about supporting family and friends in trouble but beware about making rushed decisions as they might have adverse effects on you future.

Make sure that you stay in contact with family and friends. They will give you the support and strength to face hardships. Timely diet and sleep should be your aim this year. Practice religion and moral ethics on Saturdays. Let us have a look at what the stars have in store for the Leo born people in the months of Natives are generally studious by nature and take keen interest in earning knowledge.

It is very difficult to please them. They set very high standards for themselves as well as the people close to them. You are fanatical about cleanliness and your home and office will be spotlessly clean and tidy. Very practical, every thing you do is orderly with no room for error.

You manage money wonderfully. You excel at everything you attempt. Most writers have moon in Virgo. You have faith in religion. In general Kanya rasi people are discriminating, emotional and are carried away by impulses.

They will exhibit their intelligence and memory when quite young.

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They have taste in art and literature. Jupiter is transiting over the 2nd from your moon sign and this is going to be a highly favourable transit. It will give you great success in your career and financial pursuits.

At the beginning of the year, Saturn enters into the 4th house from your moon sign. This transit is termed as Kantak Shani and is not considered to be a favourable transit at all. From June to October end Saturn will move in to 3rd where you will get some relief.

Rahu and Ketu will be in 11th and 5th houses respectively from your moon sign. Rahu's transit will be favourable where you can expect success in your career growth , while Ketu's transit will not be favourable and you could do well to avoid any risky activities. Jupiter's transit is favourable for personal and family life , while Saturn's transit will disturb the harmony.

Jupiter's transit is favourable for students. Travelling will give the desired results. Jupiter's transit is favourable for recover from health issues, while Saturn's transit is not good for health related matters.

This year will help you to develop your personality, name and fame. Your prestige and social status will rise to higher level. You will have cordial relationship with your family members and will bring happiness. Avoid emotional disputes with relatives and friends and try to maintain harmony with them.

Travels will be beneficial and religious travels bring happiness and inner peace. Social activities bring happiness and new friends. Cordial relationship with siblings will be witnessed. You may attend Spiritual functions and seek the blessings from an enlightened master. Humanitarian gesture come to the fore now.

Mother may have health crisis especially chronic patients should take additional care about their ailments in the month of February , July and August Father may have minor health ailments in the month of June, July and October Some of their children may have overseas travels for studies and employment.

The year is going to bring you lot of surprises, gains from properties. This will bring you great Joy and happiness. You will be extremely happy in this year. Your income may rise. This year is going to be a blessing for you.

You will experience betterment in your career. Your work will be recognized and appreciated. This year will yield good profits in business. Your hard work will be rewarded. You will win over your enemies. Success in all your ventures is also foreseen. This year will be favorable for making investments.

You may experience sudden gains or unexpected increment in the office. You might have frequent travel after the month of April. In the month of July to September there may be sluggishness in your career. This is the good year for love life and romance.

There will be more understanding and harmony between the partners. Some may enter into new relationships. This love life will bring in Joy. You will be dependable and sincere in love.

Generally you are cautious in love. Do not make extravagant gestures. You will encounter arguments disagreements, strained relationship with the spouse in the beginning of the year. Your spouse may fall sick or will be deprived of marital bliss in the beginning of the year.

Lot of auspicious moments, Journeys, meeting friends and relative will bring in joy and happiness. In the month of May to August the partners will encounter some silly quarrels and disagreements.

So it is advisable to avoid arguments during this period. This year you will enjoy good monetary benefits and increase in income. New ventures will yield good profit in the beginning of the year. You will pay off your old loans. Old investment and trade will fetch satisfying gains. You also witness income through various sources. Inheritance is in the offing.

Avoid speculation and heavy investments after May. You may encounter loss. Expense towards charity and self-improvement are likely. Students will get many opportunities to fine tune their skills and increase their knowledge. Hard work pays throughout the year.

New hobbies will interest them. Sports will add laurels. Students pursing for higher studies will be successful in entering the desired university.

Seek blessings from parents. You will enjoy good health throughout the year. People who are suffering from chronic ailments will recovery gradually. From the month of May to September you may fall sick and will have medical expenses.

People who are ailing from chronic illness should visit the doctor during this period. Spiritual practices will keep your spirit high. This will make help you to accomplish in all areas of life. You may be very intuitive and may witness spiritual experiences in this year. Seek blessings from Gurus.

Do charity to physically challenged people. Watch your head strong attitude. Kanya Date of Birth: Uttra Phalguni, Hast Lucky Numbers: Wednesday, Tuesday Lucky Colours: Yellow, Green, Magenta Lucky Stones: Diamond, Emerald, Pearl Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign and ruled by Mercury, the lord of communication and business. One of the most reliable signs in the zodiac, this earthy sign is second in the series, the first being Taurus.

Virgo is considered to be a magnet in the business class. This sign is connected with work and service. It is deemed to give benevolent results if influenced by a benefic planet. The sun enters Virgo on August 23rd and remains till September 23rd roughly. Virgo and Pisces are equal day-night signs.

Sun in transit triggers Virgo qualities and significations. Virgos are usually blessed with easy gains, good inheritance, and interest in occult sciences. For the people of Zodiac sign Virgo is truly going to be a year filled with a lot of activities. Activities does not only mean starting and engaging in new projects but it also implies that things that have left unfinished need to be closed after completing them.

In you need to set targets and achieve them by staying focused even if involves high costs. Taking precautions and preventive steps at regular intervals will help you to stay safe for the entire of Saturn will be transiting your star this year so your schedule will be full while some might feel depressed. Be patient at all times as life is never perfect for all.

Predictions for points towards a busy year from start to end. By trait, Virgos are supposed to be busy people so it might seem to be much for you but it will surely have some effect on how the year progresses.

People of the Zodiac sign Virgo are known to be people who love to pay attention to details; they are basically perfectionists so you must want to form an idea about the coming year. This is where the predictions for come in to help you.

The horoscope for includes forecasts that will help you make plans for Jupiter in 2nd house till mid October and then in 3rd house, Rahu in 11th house and Ketu in 5th house, Saturn in 4th houses throughout the year, together determine the major transit results this year.

In chart, Mercury the ruling planet of your sign is located in the 3rd house, the house of judgement, decision making, siblings, courage, writing, publishing, short distance travel in your life.

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Jupiter the lord of your 4th house and 7th house is located in 2nd house of your chart and has better transit strength than last year, but from October onwards Jupiter will not be much supportive. Saturn will still transit through your 4th house, and this creates some trouble, financially.

Sun the lord of your 12th house will be places along with Saturn and aspect your 10th house signifying positive success from overseas contacts or overseas ventures. Moon is well placed in your 10th sign signifying better relationships with children, friends and colleagues.

This is good year to restart your blogs, books, research articles, software etc. There will be some guidance from siblings, cousins. Friends and relatives can misuse your name to make money.

This year must be put to best use and prepare for more challenges coming up in early The people belonging to the Zodiac sign Virgo will seem to be focused about the equation that they share with colleagues and seniors at their workplace.

Maintaining a good relationship with them is imperative as that will indirectly affect your performance in Developments will be especially lively after September. In other words, your main priority will be to build on the opportunities which you have created in the past and to lay foundations for enterprise in the future when exciting influences return.

Your financial prospects look strongest in September-October but it seems that while your turnover will increase, savings will not and that any rise in your earnings will be compensated for by an increase in your spending.

Try to see such a period as a necessary phase of constructive security. The burden will be lifting by early March and when, in June, the Moon meets the Sun, you will be poised to spring into action with renewed vigour. If you have been caged by obligations and emotional ties, you may break free with one magnificent bound.

People you live with will just have to put up with you! You are in a secretive mood and feeling like withholding information even from close partners. In an attempt to escape complications elsewhere in your life, you may channel your energy into social or romantic escapades, but partners can all too easily feel neglected if you spread affections too thin.

So,if you want to avoid personal upsets, make time to soothe troubled brows at home. July could be a sticky month, especially if you are straining at the leash and battling against unfair restrictions. You will soon get over it, though, and will be in an even better position to cherish the best that love can offer. Stunning developments in your career are likely to happen at several times, mainly when Venus and Mars take a hand in your affairs during June and July.

Hopefully, all your years of effort will be well rewarded, thanks to the passage of the wonderful planet Jupiter through supportive regions of your chart from July onwards. You must, though, see to it that home and family circumstances are taken care of and not threatened by professional changes.

Profitable financial trends return in November, but you may be more interested in enjoying yourself than in salting away more cash. But will family members back you?

You may not be surprised to hear that domestic ambitions are dominant in June, although you will realise just how closely your public hopes are tied to your private world. It might not be until July or August that you achieve your wish of more spacious and comfortable accommodation.

Social stars are well aspected for May, which could find you taking a romantic break, or even travelling for emotional reasons. There could be the odd legal hassle to sort out, so make sure you are clear about your rights before the boundaries blur.

It is a fine month, too, for financial ventures, perhaps expensive outings and extravagant liaisons. When you are stepping out, choose the smartest clothes, the flashiest restaurant and the priciest item on the menu, especially if you are not paying.

June and July may be rather stressful all round, mainly because partners just do not seem to understand how wonderful you are. They should realise the error by the end of the year, to your great satisfaction! Yet, if you are as tied as the rest of us then you should take it slowly and treat all legal matters with great care, sparing no effort to get the details right.

One of your main concerns will be money, the need for more and the necessity to sensibly handle that which does come your way. Mars — planet of energy and assertion — forms an extravagant alignment in August, so this could be your moment to build your future prosperity.

You can be comfortable in the knowledge that your archetypal, essential nature, especially your gentle conservatism, is just what the situation demands until at least April or May. However, a sub-plot is being played out by Venus, planet of love. This is likely to mean that your personal relationships, particularly those that impinge on your family life, are due to go through an uncertain phase after August.

The fact is that loved ones may have a clearer idea of what is good for you than you realise. Your intuition will be the most powerful factor in determining romantic outings and experiences in October and November, but you must guard against unfounded suspicions and give rivals no cause to doubt your sincerity. You might experience one or two shocks early in the year, perhaps because it will become clear that what you have done so far is just not good enough.

Still, you will be able to radically reorganise your working life for the better. Your task is a difficult one — to preserve what is best about the past while actively promoting the future, working to build up your security and responsibilities and retain a sense of absolute freedom to do and feel as you please.

You may not be fond of hard work, yet the year will be much more fortunate than otherwise if you consciously put as much effort as you can into developing new responsibilities. This means that, if you have not done so already, by November, you will be developing your creative skills. At the very least you should expand your horizons to take in colourful new interests and activities.

You should be getting out and about, enjoying yourself and making useful contacts for the future. With Jupiter — planet of good fortune — so prominent, you can hardly fail to try your best on all relationships and there is an excellent chance of success.

One word of warning though — do not put too huge demands on partners that they cannot be fulfilled. By the middle of the year you should notice a distinct improvement in your social situation, perhaps because you would be in a much more confident and happy to stand up for yourself.

Later in the year, romance will be based around home — entertaining, with old friends who are more like part of the family appearing on the scene. First, you will recognise the ways in which your attitudes and behaviour create unwanted consequences and then you will realise how you can change your destiny by altering your approach.

At work, you will reinforce the all-round impression that you are a pleasant and considerate person even when Mars increases stress levels after May. With a little support from employers you will conquer your fear of the future and, by August, you will be contemplating your next leap into the unknown with courage and confidence.

Your financial prospects are very uncertain, and it could be October before all your efforts pay off and a thumping loss becomes a healthy profit. Your horoscope for the first half of the year continues in a state which can only be described as perfect. True, there are many challenges, especially in your family affairs and in your ability to deal with people you live with, yet it is in coping with such questions that the path to true self-understanding lies.

And, from self-awareness flows that feeling of contentment for which you yearn. What makes your chart so utterly remarkable until July is the presence of the small and little-known celestial body, Chiron, in an alignment with your house of marriage.

Chiron is known as a teacher, a healer, a bringer of strange encounters. Any wish made in the right spirit must therefore soon be granted. Whatever happens, remember that Jupiter, a jovial and beneficial planet, is well-placed to support you all year, helping you to broaden your ambitions and achieve your aims.

April highlights the pressure for a fresh start compelling you to re-evaluate your current emotional aspirations. It is likely that opposition from someone else, who is very close to you, may be the catalyst for a new relationship in August, September and November.

November raises your expectations in a number of ways and the outcome could be expensive as well as socially enjoyable. However, if you do take on something new it should be in a spirit of total determination.

You must be willing to face the consequences of your choice and not change course in mid-stream. Travel stars predominate in June so you maybe on the road, checking out new business options or exploring fresh professional possibilities.

You will ask yourself whether you can really afford to take a trip at this time. The other, easier option is that you stay put and the world comes to you. Even after then, relations and other people you live with, will seem curiously determined to misinterpret the most simple requests and proposals.

Well, by April you should be ready to rouse yourself, seize control of the situation and impose your will in your gentle but uncompromising manner. In the meantime, please tackle practical issues and leave emotional complications to look after themselves.

By September, even those of you in settled relationships will be having decidedly pleasant and refreshing encounters.

Venus will bring brighter romantic prospects with a chance of dramatic change. You may live more than you have lived for twelve years! Macho Mars challenges you to stand up for yourself and make sure that from now on partners know that you mean business.

October could bring unexpected storms. During December you will be looking for emotional support, although you might have to put your interests second, allowing partners to take the lead.

It is an excellent business year, even though you may not be aware of the full implications of what is happening and it is still possible that you might miss the boat. After all, if you do not maximise your earnings and spot the right ways to save and spend, you cannot expect circumstances to do all the hard work for you.

What you need to do is translate your hopes and desires into hard cash. At work, you will become all too aware that it is not a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket.